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Regal Renovations exemplifies excellence in everything we do. From the inside out we focus on high-end, custom quality work for home renovations, bathrooms, kitchens and more. We lead the industry in performance to set the bar at a whole new level for home remodeling in Virginia Beach, VA!

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We are looking for trade contractors such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, hardwood flooring/finishing, tile, drywall/finishing/plaster, roofing, siding/trim and concrete.

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PSA: Choose Your Virginia Beach Contractor Carefully

Public Service Announcement: I’ve been hearing some horror stories about renovations, remodels and additions from clients who have not done their full research and due diligence about other contractors they’ve chosen over us. I got a call from a Navy veteran here in Virginia Beach who chose another contractor because he was going to save a couple thousand dollars but mainly the contractor claimed to be able to do a second story addition over the garage in four weeks. This contractor is now going into week eight and has snuck in the wrong shingles and flooring while the customer was doing work ups for deployment for two weeks and then on family vacation for two weeks. He has given him all but $7,000 of the contract based on pictures the contractor sent while he was gone.

In five minutes, we found lots of information online about why not to use this contractor but no Google page, website, Facebook page or anything about his business. How do you make a decision this large about your family and your home without doing this research? Now the owner has lost confidence in the contractor, called me back for assistance in correcting the job professionally and asked for legal guidance.

As well here is an analogy I thought of recently to help explain the current condition of our market. In real estate there are buyer’s markets and seller’s markets depending on supply and demand. It’s the same in any business. In construction there are general contractor’s markets and subcontractor/vendor markets based on supply and demand.

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Virginia Beach home additions

Place your trust in our design, development and building team to see your home renovation project from concept to reality!

Virginia Beach kitchen remodel

Allow our custom craftsmen to transform your spaces from good to great! We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach roof installation

Restore the beauty of your home by installing a complete weather proof exterior system! We are your trustworthy, expert Virginia Beach roofers.

What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say...

Working with Regal Renovations was the best experience this single woman has had with a contractor. When Glen came to my house to give me an estimate, he was on time, courteous and very thorough in his inspection. He went on my roof, took pictures of the damage and did not double talk me in any way. He did the work and fixed the problems at a very fair cost. After the heavy northeastern we had I found another problem that had not been an issue the first time Glen was there. Again, his estimate was fair, the work was performed at promised and again the problem was fixed. I will continue to recommend Regal Renovations for any and all work that he performs.

Judi Hathaway
Virginia Beach

Our home was in need of some new siding and window replacements after a heavy storm this winter. Not only did Regal Renovations come in with a better estimate than the competition, but the work was completed very quickly, and very professionally. We were very grateful for Glen and his team fixing our leaky house so fast especially with it being the holiday season. We highly recommend Regal Renovations and look forward to working with Glen and his team again in the future. Truly a contractor that you can trust, your home will be in good hands! Thanks so much Regal Renovations!

The Virgets Family
Virginia Beach
Glen Sweitzer, Jr. and family

About Glen Sweitzer, Jr.

Glen Sweitzer, Jr. is a second generation contractor, born and raised right here in Virginia Beach, VA. As an athlete for his entire youth, Glen learned early that nothing comes without hard work and dedication to excellence. Following in his father’s footsteps and a desire for more than the status quo, Glen left college early from his studies at Christopher Newport University to pursue his aspirations of running the family business. Through ups and downs and tough decisions to be made, Glen eventually went another direction, working for a few local companies before becoming a Project Manager for the third largest roofing company in the nation. Read the full story here...