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Regal Renovations recommends brands such as Frigidaire, Bosch and Electrolux for your high quality, energy efficient kitchen. These brands have been producing standard-bearing appliances for many years that not only look great but also perform well over the long haul.

Electrolux appliances

When choosing appliances there are many high quality brands to choose from, such as Frigidaire, Bosch and Electrolux. Stainless Steel appliances are trending right now and are the way to go if you are looking for visual appeal, efficiency and an easier to clean appliance. Our team will use all of the information we gather from you and our own resources, partnered with the design and layout we help to create with your input. We will determine space requirements and functionalities to help you select which appliances will fit best into your new kitchen. We promise to help you choose appliances that will meet your total expectation when it comes to cooking and storing your food.

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Frigidaire Side by Side Refridgerator


Electrolux Double Oven


Electrolux Dishwasher


Frigidaire Induction Cooktop

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