Current Openings

Design Consultant

Regal Renovations is hiring for the position of Design Consultant. The Design Consultant (DC) is responsible for helping a client navigate from the end of the sales process all the way through the job startup - probably one of the most critical stages of our project development. She would assemble the Client Expectation Letter, Decision Selection Sheet (DSS), DSS Expectation Sheet, Change Order process/Expectation Sheet among other informational process forms, including a list of preferred vendors. The objective is to really prepare the client for the changes for their home and set the expectation for a successful project.

Exterior Systems Specialist

Regal Renovations is hiring for the position of Exterior Systems Specialist (ESS). This is a highly specialized position with a focus on the ability to successful repair any and all exterior systems. The ESS has multiple years of experience in the fields of roofing, siding, metal wrap fabrication and installation using a metal brake, and window installation. He will be able to identify, diagnose and properly repair water leaks coming from any exterior component, including the ability to methodically perform and record the results from water tests to prove his theories. The ESS can assess project durations for himself or full crews to perform repairs or complete system replacements. He is capable of punching out his own work and the work of others to ensure successful completion of all exterior system projects for the company. He is self motivated and capable of working alone or with a helper, depending on the conditions required.