Design Consultant

Regal Renovations is hiring for the position of Design Consultant. The Design Consultant (DC) is responsible for helping a client navigate from the end of the sales process all the way through the job startup - probably one of the most critical stages of our project development. She would assemble the Client Expectation Letter, Decision Selection Sheet (DSS), DSS Expectation Sheet, Change Order process/Expectation Sheet among other informational process forms, including a list of preferred vendors. The objective is to really prepare the client for the changes for their home and set the expectation for a successful project.

The DC will start to design the project with the client using our 3D design software, filling out the DSS with them and setting/attending appointments with the client and our designers at Mosaic Tile, Pro Source, Ferguson, Reico and/or other preferred vendors. Once the design process is completed, we then schedule a Technical Walk Through with the Sales Consultant, DC, the client and our Superintendent so he can see the job, the design, design selections, etc. and determine if the application matches the scope and the feasibility that all components work well together.


The Superintendent then works with the DC to develop the work orders for all individual tasks and purchase orders for each phase/trade that can be sent out for pricing, etc to Trade Contractors and Vendors. The DC also would create the change order for the DSS overages, clarification change orders for wording in the contract versus the technical application and any suggestive selling that you do along the way during the design process. This is not a moment to try to be forceful but if, while doing your job, you encounter things naturally, it's worth taking the opportunity to offer upgrades. This is not expected as some sort of quota but offer a commission process for this equivalent to a percentage of the difference between the retail and wholesale pricing of extra materials for the DSS as well as a percentage of any profits from additional labor. All of this information is used to prepare us for the Pre-Construction Meeting, for which the DC will have a large role. The Sales Consultant will discuss and review the contract in its entirety and the Pre-Construction Meeting Checklist, and the DC will take it from there. The Superintendent handles any technical questions/training and the Project Specialist is responsible for scheduling, Trade Contractors coordination and client communication.

Through the course of the project, the DC would also be available for any design questions, Change Orders and material purchases through the job. We notify the clients from the beginning that they will need to take time from their work schedule for meetings and Design Consultations so that we do not schedule these outside of normal business hours. We respect our own time and our families tremendously. We are in a service industry but are not a servant business. We are not slave to our job.

Salary is open to discuss, based on relevant experience. We currently have pre-tax AFLAC benefits but are looking into providing group healthcare and 401K as we continue to grow. Regal doesn't dock pay for appointments during the day or other hours periodically missed during the day as long as Team Members are respectful of the policy and work is being completed. Missed time is not required to be made up. As well, if certain tasks occasionally require additional attention and hours, it's expected to provide the service required to complete the task. We have a mutual trust within our company culture and we do not count hours. The position will be salaried and there will be an opportunity to make some up-sell commission, as mentioned. We're looking forward to your resumé and the potential to add you to our team!