Exterior Systems Specialist

Regal Renovations is hiring for the position of Exterior Systems Specialist (ESS). This is a highly specialized position with a focus on the ability to successful repair any and all exterior systems. The ESS has multiple years of experience in the fields of roofing, siding, metal wrap fabrication and installation using a metal brake, and window installation. He will be able to identify, diagnose and properly repair water leaks coming from any exterior component, including the ability to methodically perform and record the results from water tests to prove his theories. The ESS can assess project durations for himself or full crews to perform repairs or complete system replacements. He is capable of punching out his own work and the work of others to ensure successful completion of all exterior system projects for the company. He is self motivated and capable of working alone or with a helper, depending on the conditions required.


The ESS has mastery and complete code knowledge in roofing systems including shingles, EPDM, TPO and specialty systems such as tile, slate, cedar and others. He has mastery and complete code knowledge in siding systems including vinyl, aluminum, cedar and Hardi. The ESS has full mastery of metal fabrication using a brake and Brake Buddy for custom fabrication and installation of any trim detail. He understands the integration between systems and how they complement each other regarding all flashing details, etc.

The ESS will be assigned work orders for individual repair jobs that may come in or tackle warranty calls from previous exterior installations or repair. New repairs are performed for the client with a minimum charge base rate and a time and material rate assessed upon completion, so the ESS must be capable of working quickly and effectively as well as communicating with the client through the process. He will also work alongside other Regal Team Members to complete exterior items that may be assigned from our Remodeling or Building divisions including time and material repairs from discovery items as demo is performed, etc. Finally the ESS will be capable of monitoring the progress of complete exterior system installations for which he will serve as a superintendent to ensure Quality Control, including punching out the work near the end of each project.

Salary is open to discuss, based on relevant experience. We currently have pre-tax AFLAC benefits but are looking into providing group healthcare and 401K as we continue to grow. Regal doesn't dock pay for appointments during the day or other hours periodically missed during the day as long as Team Members are respectful of the policy and work is being completed. Missed time is not required to be made up. As well, if certain tasks occasionally require additional attention and hours, it's expected to provide the service required to complete the task. We have a mutual trust within our company culture and we do not count hours. The position will be salaried and there will be an opportunity to make some up-sell commission, as mentioned. We're looking forward to your resumé and the potential to add you to our team!