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Buying a Fixer-Upper? Consider This Type of Loan

renovation loan - Virginia Beach

By Katie Bassett Your mind is ready to transform that recently purchased fixer-upper into your beautiful dream home, but your bank account may feel differently. To upgrade your fixer-upper home, you’ll need some additional funds, but your savings account shouldn’t hinder your ability to begin renovations. There are different mortgages and loan options perfect for […]

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Before Hiring, Interview Your Contractor

Interview your home remodeling contractor

Today, I wanted to talk about a couple of ideas concerning hiring a contractor that I feel would be helpful to homeowners. Our industry doesn’t talk about it much, but due diligence before contacting a contractor is very important. From my perspective, there are two different ways that you can actually contact a contractor and […]

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PSA: Choose Your Contractor Carefully

choose right contractor - Virginia Beach

Public Service Announcement: I’ve been hearing some horror stories about renovations, remodels and additions from clients who have not done their full research and due diligence about other contractors they’ve chosen over us. I got a call from a Navy veteran here in Virginia Beach who chose another contractor because he was going to save […]

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Hurricane Season Preparedness

hurricane joaquin

As hurricane season is upon us, we at Regal Renovations wanted to share some helpful information on how to make sure you and your property are safe in the event that we experience hurricane force conditions. Working in the exterior restaurant industry in 2003 when Hurricane Isabel pummeled our area, it’s important to remember that […]

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