Custom Kitchen Counter Tops

As a premier renovation expert, Regal Renovations offers solid surface counter top systems in our kitchen remodels. Kitchen counter tops are available in many different materials such as granite, marble, concrete, stainless steel, butcher block and quartz.

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Cambria Counter tops
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Granite and marble are considered the toughest of counter top materials and are the standard in most kitchens. Stainless steel is also a wonderful material that can withstand heat and heavy cleaning solutions - perfect for a professional who wants to carry the industrial level of quality into their own home. Butcher Block is a nice addition to part of your counter top space. Besides the rustic feel, you’ll always have a space to cut and chop! Quartz is a great alternative to granite and marble and can really make a space pop. It is very similar in texture and style but comes in many colors and variations.

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Concrete Counter Tops​

Our friends in Norfolk, Hapax, have revolutionized how concrete is used in the home and Zack Pease is the best! Concrete counter tops are now another quality option for your counter top space and they are hand made each and every time. The name Hapax literally means "one of a kind." You are guaranteed that no matter your color and finish preferences, you’ll enjoy a counter top system in your home that is 100% unique! Concrete now comes in many colors and styles for you to choose from and can easily be customized to the style and taste of your kitchen!