Hurricane Season Preparedness

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As hurricane season is upon us, we at Regal Renovations wanted to share some helpful information on how to make sure you and your property are safe in the event that we experience hurricane force conditions. Working in the exterior restaurant industry in 2003 when Hurricane Isabel pummeled our area, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t require a major hurricane to create significant damage in our area, especially it has been raining ahead of the storm approaching. This could create similar conditions to Isabel, which did a fair amount of damage because the soil was so loose that Class 1 or 2 winds toppled trees that may not have fallen if the ground was not completely saturated! Keep up with the forecast here:

The hurricane weather systems could also bring big waves and increased possibility of flooding to Virginia Beach any time this season. To help residents prepare for hurricanes and tropical storms, residents should take simple steps now:

  1. Know safety tips and build an emergency supply kit. Include drinking water, a first-aid kit, non-perishable food, a radio, flashlight and batteries, phone charger, blankets. Visit for a disaster supply checklist or for flood safety tips and information from the National Weather Service.
  2. Have a family emergency plan in place. Plan and practice flood evacuation routes from home, work and school that are on higher ground.
  3. Remove and secure objects from outside your home and business that may become projectiles during high winds.
  4. Be informed. Learn more about flood risks and steps you can take to prepare. Look for emergency preparedness information on

The city encourages all individuals in the region to listen to NOAA Weather Radio and its local news to monitor for severe weather updates and directions provided by local officials. For up-to-date storm information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Should you require assistance after a storm, please remember to stay calm and patient. It is difficult at best to get out to your home as everyone can be overwhelmed by the response required. PLEASE also, remember to do your due diligence in checking on the contractors you may invite to your home. This is a major opportunity for storm chasers to come into the area and for handymen or the average person to start a business to “help” people. Make sure you’re checking for a Contractor’s License from Virginia – licenses from out of state do NOT apply here in VA. There are programs that you can go to to receive help if you’re taken advantage of by a licensed contractor from Virginia but if you do not do your due diligence, then these programs cannot help you! Make sure the scope of your work falls within their capacity to do the work. Class C licenses only cover work up to $10,000. A city business license does NOT mean someone can contract home improvement work with you. Make sure they have an up to date copy of their worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Legit companies know that this storm is coming and while they might not be able to have an agent send you their insurance right away due to power outages, etc, they should have a copy they can show you with THEIR OWN business name listed!

Preventative insurance practices will also help to ensure you’re covered. Check NOW on your emergency storm deductible. You may still have time to change your coverage and lower your deductible for storm related damage. You can always change your deductible back up after the storm if you want to, but a $2000 deductible is MUCH better than $10,000. Read the fine print on your policy, look online and/or contact your agent for clarification and make the change now while/if you still can.

Finally, here are a couple of respectable resources, should we not be able to help after the storm. As much as we would like to be everything to everyone, our dynamic has shifted in recent years to more of a renovation and remodeling company and not as much of an exterior restoration company. We can help some, but we cannot help everyone! If we cannot get to your emergency tarp up/board up, if required, you can still contact us once the emergency services are rendered and you’re watertight and we can offer help to get you back together! Good luck during this hurricane season!

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