Kitchen Flooring

Tile, pre-finished hardwood, natural hardwood and engineered hardwood floors are the way to go for a beautiful kitchen floor. All of these flooring solutions are easy to clean and are capable of complimenting any color pallet and style. Hardwood floors add a very warm, welcoming feel to any kitchen. We provide only the best hardwood from companies like Anderson or Armstrong/Bruce/Homer.

kitchen flooring - Virginia Beach

With wood you can decorate with a more contemporary feel or stay within the traditional setting of an older home. Wood floors are also wonderful insulators! They retain heat and this helps to keep your home running efficiently. Tile is also great as a flooring option because it is easy to clean, maintain and is the best at withstanding water. For any tile system we always will take advantage of the premium level that the Schluter System offers. The Schluter System is a premium customizable system that ensures that your tile floors last by using proper underlayments, movement joints, and transition profiles. They even have a heated flooring system with completely customizable settings for those cold winter mornings! Ditra Heat has revolutionized the heated floor industry and we are so excited to offer such a solid system!