Create Lifelong Memories in Your New Kitchen

The word kitchen brings to mind more than just food. It brings memories of family and friends surrounding a table full of home cooked food. It’s a place to create and cultivate lifelong friendships. It’s a grandmother showing her grandchild how to make her famous made from scratch biscuits. Our deepest desire is to help you create more of those memories!

Making decisions for your new premium kitchen remodel can seem overwhelming - sometimes like more of a hassle than it’s worth. But our team of specialists help to make each decision as easy as possible without taking away the uniqueness you want to portray. We want to help you build a kitchen that suits your greatest desires and also helps stay on track with the things you’ll need and are functional as well. We start the process by walking you through basic decisions and options for paint color, hardware, appliances, cabinets, countertops, lighting, doors, windows and flooring. Our Project Specialists enjoy taking the time to help you sort out the details that are most important to you!

They were very good at walking me through the process of what to pick out, what would go with each other, helping design the different colors and everything. I think my dad would be thrilled to see how it turned out. He would be absolutely thrilled. And I love it and it will be a kitchen that our family will use for a lot of years to come.

Linda Krejcarek
Virginia Beach

Why Choose Regal Renovations?

Our mission is to "exemplify a standard of excellence in education, sales and performance
while showing love and respect for customers and team members alike."


The procedures that we have in place ensure that your project will run proficiently from start to finish. Our goal is to bring you peace of mind in what could be a potentially stressful process.


We're enthusiastic about taking on original concept projects that don't fit the mold of what the typical contractor is capable of doing. Your ideas and our expertise equal a great result.


Your trust is an essential  part of our process. We do everything in our capacity to establish and maintain your confidence in us throughout the entirety of the project.

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We Walk You Through Every Step of Your Kitchen Remodel

Frigidaire appliances


When choosing appliances there are many high quality brands to choose from, such as Frigidaire, Bosch and Electrolux.

Cambria Countertops

Counter Tops

Because we are a premier renovation expert, we offer solid surface counter top systems in many different materials with our kitchen remodels.

Mauer Kitchen Cabinets Virginia Beach


One of the most important components of a kitchen renovation are the kitchen cabinets as they help keep a kitchen in order.

Kitchen hardware - faucet


Hardware for the kitchen can include components such as door knobs, cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls but can also include sink fixtures.

Armstrong hardwood flooring


Tile, pre-finished hardwood, natural hardwood and engineered hardwood floors are the way to go for a beautiful kitchen floor.

Kitchen lighting


Lighting sets the mood of any kitchen. There are many types of lighting. Can lighting or recessed lighting is a popular choice.