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Many feel that exterior solutions like vinyl siding products and accessories are all generally similar but the truth is the proper system and its implementation and installation are very critical to the successful protection of your property. Whether you’re using a basic level Mastic vinyl siding system or upgrading to a synthetic “cedar” style siding from Certainteed or others, there are basics in any system that mean a world of difference.

Our History with Exterior Systems

The President of Regal Renovations, Glen Sweitzer, Jr., is a second generation Exterior Systems contractor having learned at an early age the value of professional roofing, siding and window installations. Learning from his father at a young age the value of hard work and proper techniques, Glen has ingrained in Regal Renovations that the work MUST be completed to the standard of excellence he expects from all Siding System installation projects. As Glen grew in the business, he eventually became a Project Manager at only 27 years of age for a large commercial roofing and siding company in Norfolk, VA - which at the time was the third largest company of its kind in the nation. This level of expertise and precision in the installations is what drove Glen to start his own business in 2009 which has eventually led to the establishment of Regal Renovations.

Glen working on Exterior Services in Virginia Beach

 Ellie Osteen 

 Virginia Beach 

"Regal Renovations completely replaced our vinyl siding and all of the gutters and soffit. They did an outstanding job! I highly recommend them for any home renovation you might be interested in. Not only was the work performed in a timely manner, the workmanship was excellent. We will most definitely use them in the future. You will not be disappointed."

Why Choose Regal Renovations?

Our mission is to "exemplify a standard of excellence in education, sales and performance
while showing love and respect for customers and team members alike."


The procedures that we have in place ensure that your project will run proficiently from start to finish. Our goal is to bring you peace of mind in what could be a potentially stressful process.


We're enthusiastic about taking on original concept projects that don't fit the mold of what the typical contractor is capable of doing. Your ideas and our expertise equal a great result.


Your trust is an essential  part of our process. We do everything in our capacity to establish and maintain your confidence in us throughout the entirety of the project.

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Our Siding Installation Process

damaged wood under old siding
repairing old siding
siding repair
new siding

1. Proper Substrate

Siding Systems involve many components which all work hand in hand to ensure the success of the system. The initial component is having the proper substrate for attachment - which will be meticulously inspected for defects prior to coverage and repaired on a time and material basis prior to commencement of the siding system install. Especially within a project which includes the removal of the old system, we could never know how much the substrate needs to be corrected before moving forward. But rest assured that we are not in the business of making our profits from preparing the substrate. We will only charge for what it takes to properly prepare the substrate for the professional installation.

Siding underlayment

2. Underlayment

The next component of the system involved the installation of the siding system underlayment. There are several different products that can be used depending on the application and whether the project is a retrofit or a complete removal of the existing system. We prefer to use 1/4” fan fold foam insulation. This provides a high level of protection to the substrate as a semi-permeable product which will still allow the house to breathe on its own through the system, but will not let water through it when properly applied and secured with a professional grade underlayment taping of the joints and into all recommended accessories such as J channel, inside and outside corner posts, etc. This is important when installing vinyl siding because the siding alone is not actually waterproof. If you look closely, there are weep holes on every panel to allow water that does infiltrate to escape or run out the bottom. Fan fold foam insulation also carried an R value of R1 typically and although it doesn’t help prevent a ton of heat loss, it does serve as a draft barrier for the home when it’s installed and taped properly - which can be just as important when considering how it impacts the interior temperatures of the home. This is why it’s very important to have a full encapsulation of the house before covering it with the finished product.

james hardy system green guard

3. Rolled Underlayment

In some cases, such as the case for the installation of James Hardie systems, we will use a rolled good product for the underlayment which is also taped on all seams prior to the installation of any finished material. As well, we will install drip caps over each penetration which is also integrated into the underlayment system using tape, because James Hardie products are not installed with the traditional corner posts or J channel with nailing flanges that also serve as guttering systems. It’s important to allow the water an opportunity to have an escape point to remove itself from the system. Even as we use this rolled good product though, we still will choose a higher level product than just your typical house wrap. We prefer to use Green Guard which has a built in channeling system and is much thicker and more durable than standard builder grade house wraps.

sill trim
sill trim
starter strip

4. Correct Products

Installation techniques of the finished product are as much, or more, about aesthetics than functionality in a lot of cases because the underlayment is really the difference maker in the long term protection of your home. Making sure to install the products in the correct order and using the proper accessories can really be the difference maker to make sure your home creates a greater curb appeal when it’s finished. We make sure to use the factory recommended accessories to match the systems including inside and outside Corner Posts, J Channel, Sill Trim under the windows and eaves to lock in the last panels instead of cutting a scrap piece of vinyl to put the behind the last piece - all make a huge difference in delivering the final product. We use the recommended caulking to color match the specific manufacturer’s products and are sure to use a caulking that is best rated for exterior use even if it means it requires a talented applicator instead of someone with a wet finger to wipe it down.

Trim metal fabrication
custom metal trim
gable vent
Triple 3" soffit

5. Trim & Soffit

For most siding system installations, the soffit, fascia, frieze and rake boards are all also covered with different components. Because the soffit is very important to allow eave ventilation into your attic system to protect the longevity of your entire exterior system, including the roof, we always use premium triple 3” hidden vented soffit in the eaves and triple 3” solid soffit in porch ceiling applications. Sure it means it’s more difficult to cut because it’s thicker and more rigid, but it also means that you’re guaranteed for a better looking and more effective solution for your home. We never cut corners on the appropriate materials. We also custom fabricate all of the aluminum trim coil that need to be made to cover the fascia, frieze and rake boards around the home, on site. Many people also do this but many also do not use the next level tools and techniques to do so. Regal has invested in specific tools just for the fabrication of the metal to give you a factory quality finish with the custom fabrications we do on site. With several different roll formers for our metal brake, we can offer you several options to choose from to give you the desired finish you dream of on your trim. Some that are even impossible to replicate by hand without the equipment, for brick molding and other applications.

siding accessories
roofing trim


Finally we finish the systems off with decorative accessories from Mid America, including shutters, specialty gable vents, window treatments like half rounds and so much more. If you want to keep it basic, we can keep it basic. But if you want to add to the finished look, we always provide top level components made by the best, for the best. With a complete cleanup of the yard and surroundings, your home will be the prize of the neighborhood to see from the street and you’ll have the confidence in knowing your greatest asset is well protected from the elements. We look forward to giving you this confidence with an Exterior System by Regal Renovations.

7. Completed Project

completed siding project
completed siding project
completed siding project
completed siding project
completed siding project
completed siding project