Trade Contractor Opportunities

In our efforts to continue our growth as a professional renovation and remodeling firm in Virginia Beach, Regal Renovations is seeking new Trade Contractors relationships from varying trades for our organization. We are looking for trades such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, hardwood flooring/finishing, tile, drywall/finishing/plaster, roofing, siding/trim and concrete.

Aside from the technical role that these firms would be responsible for, we are looking for the right connections who also would be able to help to carry out the vision that we have for our company. The ideal candidate would be a business who has strong organizational skills, will turn paperwork in on time, will complete the job with excellence in an efficient manner,communicates well, has worker’s compensation and general liability insurance and represents our company in the way that any one of our Team Members would.

​We are a premium level contractor whose focus is to Renovate, Remodel and Restore high end homes and projects with an emphasis on Kitchen and Bath Remodels, Complete Home Renovations, Additions and Premium Exterior Solutions, especially the intricate and detail oriented projects that others find difficult to entertain. Our values have always defined who we are and why we succeed. They stem from we as owners but are much deeper rooted in success principles that are thousands of years old from the Bible. The Core Values of the organization - Respect, Excellence, Organization, Team Membership, Positive/Life Giving Speech, Presentability and Accountability - govern all we do and how we do it. So, the right Trade Contractors should be comfortable working in this environment, have a strong personality and represent these values well.

I would appreciate if you would forward this to someone special that you believe has some general experience in this line of work and whom you feel might be a good fit to work alongside our company. I know that not everyone may know someone offhand that would be the person we would seek to partner with, but if you do, I much rather would prefer to bring them on at the recommendation of someone I know and trust.The best is yet to come for we and our organization and I’m excited to continue growing healthy relationships through it!​

Thank you,
Glen Sweitzer, Jr.​


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Please send your completed trade contractor package forms to our office by email at We look forward to finding and building the right relationships to help us grow!