​Bathroom Remodeling

​​Create Peace of Mind in Your New Oasis

When you think of a bathroom, what do you think of?

We think of elegance and luxury! A bathroom should be an environment with beauty, where you can feel relaxed and at peace. Whether you want a powder room or a spa retreat, you should experience comfort in your new, personal bathroom. Here at Regal Renovations, we want to make sure we provide you with the quality you’re looking for in a way that pleases you!

We Pride Ourselves on Customer Satisfaction!

Creating an environment to be peaceful, but still stylish, is difficult. But that’s why our team of specialists are here ~ to help you get what you want in a quick, yet efficient, way. We want to aid you in constructing your dream spa retreat to attend to your wants and needs. We will walk you through the important decisions, such as theme, lighting, tile, vanity, and hardware. We enjoy taking the time to make you happy!

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We were able to communicate with Glen and his group very easily through phone or text. I was able to get Glen virtually any time ... We always had a response to a question that we asked ... They exceeded my expectations more than you can believe.

David & Linda Krejcarek

​We Walk you Through Every Step of your Bathroom Remodel

Virginia Beach bathroom remodel


​The theme of the bathroom is the most important part to make sure everything ties together well.

Malloy Virginia Beach Bathroom Renovation


​Tile is the best way to go in a bathroom, so we like to get our tile from Mosaic Tile in Virginia Beach.

Drewes Virginia Beach bathroom remodel after


​There are many vanity styles to choose from, and we want to make sure we get you the best one to suit you.

Shower Head


​Bathroom hardware includes the shower head(s), the sink(s), and the toilet.

Virginia Beach Bathroom Before & After

Choose A Bathroom ​Theme That Suits You

Strategic Lighting​ - Here’s a bright idea! By placing lighting over mirrors, or other reflective surfaces, you can create the illusion of a larger room.

​Traditional materials - Easy cleaning and looks great? By using materials with traits such as cool whites, marble, and chrome, you can achieve a sleek, luxurious look.

Efficient storage - Say goodbye to useless corners! By adding shelves to awkward corners, you obtain easy storage and decor.

The Right Vanity Can Make Your Remodel

​Built-in step - Do you have small children? This vanity allows for children to access the sink, mirror, etc. without the risk of them falling off a step stool.

Floating vanity with undercounted sink - Stylish and fancy! This style is a popular choice in many high-end, expensive hotels.

Vanity cabinets with feet - An old-fashioned touch to new style! These vanities resemble antique furniture, making it a bold touch to a modern-looking home.

Bathroom Hardware Ideas

Wall-mount - Low-cost classic! It may not be as fancy as other shower heads, but the efficiency is great.

Hand-held - Because the shower head is hand-held, it may be helpful to those who struggle with limited movement.

Rain - Want your showers to be more soothing? This shower head extends from the ceiling and give the feeling of bathing under a waterfall or in the rain.

One-piece - Do you want a smooth look? This toilet features a smooth, glossy design, without any of the dirt collecting crevices. However, it is more expensive than traditional two-piece toilets.

Taller toilet - Is your current toilet too short? These toilets tend to be more comfortable for homeowners because of the height. However, it may be difficult for a child to use.

Drop-in - One of the easiest styles to install, this sink has a wide variety of beautiful designs.

Vessel - Want something eye-catching? These sinks rest above the vanity and come in a variety of amazing designs.

Tile to Bring the Design Together

​Subway - Looking for a classic? These rectangular, subway-styled tiles create a timeless look.

Hexagon - Let's shake things up a little! This tile adds a flare of retro style to today’s modern preferences.

Travertine - Strong and good looking! Perfect for showers AND flooring, this tile is decorative and durable.

Marble - Need more value? With their unique, natural beauty, these tiles help to up the value of your home.

Stone look - Finally, something easy to work with! This tile is long-lasting, low-maintenance, and resembles natural stone.

Wood look - Time to relax! This water resistant, wood-looking tile produces a warm, textured look for your bathroom.

Mosaic - Searching something more adaptable? This tile easily goes with various room designs.

Bathroom Renovation Process